Blog Action Day 09 – Climate Change

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On October 15, bloggers everywhere unite for the largest social event on the web, ever one day, when bloggers write about a single issue and together, make a difference. Last year this day reached 12,000 bloggers, 14 millions people.

This year our blogs can help confront the most urgent threat facing our planet i.e. CLIMATE CHANGE. Climate change threatens more than the environment. It threatens to cause famine flooding war. Now is our best chance to course. This December world leaders will meet to discuss the global response to climate change.

Today on October 15, Blog Action Day 09, we will unite as bloggers to make our voices heard. One day. One Issues. Thousands of voices.

Today, we are sharing some of facts and videos, gathered from campaign called ‘Climate for life…a call from the himalayas. The campaign started in April 2009, and shall continue till December 2009. The campaign will run up to the UNFCCC Copenhagen Climate Conference – COP15 on December 2009.

Some facts are:

  • Climate change can significantly affect crop yields. Production of many staples, such as rice, millet and maize are estimated to decrease upto 30% by 2030.
  • Glacial retreat can produce an imbalance in the surroundings slopes and may lead to catastrophic landslides.
  • Rise in Temperature and Water strains are presumed to lead to a 30% decline in crop yields in South Asia by the mid 21st century.
  • The impact of Climate Change on local temperature, precipitation and, daily and seasonal freeze-thaw activity accelerates the degradation of alpine meadows-a critical resource for the sustenance of animal husbandry in the Himalayas.
  • A 2009 NASA image depicting large–scale forest fires in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal, raising questions of climate change linkages – due to the unusually dry weather.
  • 67% of the glaciers in the Himalayas are retreating by 10 meters every year.
  • Impacts of global warming will bring about extensive fragmentation and alteration of the habitats of the charismatic snow leopards, seriously impacting their fitness and survival.
  • Rising temperatures directly affect surface runoff patterns which is a key threat to hydropower facilities – and Nepal’s aims to produce 10000 MW of hydroelectric power by 2020.
  • Local livelihoods in Nepal rely almost entirely on environmental services. It is crucial that we protect the natural services to maintain local safety nets against climate change impacts.
  • Naurs (blue sheep) inhabit the alpine grasslands between the tree line and snow line. The shift in the tree line/snow line due to global warming can seriously impact their ecology and behavior.

Fore more information, you could download the brochure, or visit official website of campaign. You could also follow campaign in Facebook and watch videos on YouTube.

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