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Great Moments In Stupid Chevron PR

Posted by suran | Posted in World | Posted on 17-01-2012



I’m just sharing an article from Amazonwatch.org.  There is something seen to everyone except Cheveron.

Then you can sign petition in support of good cause.  What do you say?

Now that Chevron has been found guilty – again – for intentionally dumping a massive amount of toxic oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, the company has become increasingly desperate to explain its refusal to take responsibility. But then, Chevron’s spokespeople have never been afraid to make absurd excuses for why their company puts profits over people.

We’ve received thousands of submissions for new excuses Chevron can use, but we’re sure there are plenty more where those came from. So we compiled some of the most ridiculous things Chevron spokespeople have said over the years in this video, to give you a little inspiration. These are truly some of the stupidest moments in Chevron PR.

As you can see, Chevron’s PR hacks are struggling to come up with a valid excuse for why their company refuses to do the right thing in Ecuador. Go to www.ran.org/chevron-excuses now and suggest a new excuse they can use.

Of course, sending their PR zombies out to spout their ludicrous talking points is not the only response Chevron has come up with. Many more of Chevron’s shameless tactics are detailed here.

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